Teruo Sawada

Present Position Researcher
Qualification Pharmacist
Education April 1968 – March 1972: Osaka University
April 1972 – March 1974: Department of Pharmacy, Graduate School of Osaka University
April 1974 – March 1999
Drug research institute and Drug Development Department of Kanebo Ltd.
April 1999 – March 2008,
Development Planning Department and Medical Affairs of Nippon Organon Ltd.
November 2005 – October 2006
Project leader of Investigator-initiated clinical trial for Bepridil in Japan Medical Association
April 2008 – June 2010,
Director of Medical Affairs (Cardiovascular and Anesthesia), Schering-Plough Corporation
July 2010 – January 2013,
Manager of Medical Affairs (Cardiovascular, Anesthesia and Diabetes), MSD Ltd.
March 2013 – present,
Researcher of Department of Anatomy and Developmental Biology Graduate School of Medicine, Kyoto University
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