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Name Designation Email address
Masatoshi Hagiwara Professor hagiwara.masatoshi.8c<a>
Akihide Takeuchi Associate Professor takeuchi.akihide.8r<a>
Marco Candeias Senior Lecturer candeias<a>
Ryo Kimura Assistant Professor kimura.ryo.2w<a>
Akiko Kobayashi Assistant Professor kobayashi.akiko.5e<a>
Masayasu Toyomoto Program-specific assistant professor/ Drug Discovery for Respiratory Diseases toyomoto.masayasu.2v<a>
Tomonari Awaya Program-specific assistant professor/ Drug Discovery Department for Skin and Brain Disorders awaya<a>
Masahiko Ajiro Program-specific assistant professor/ Drug Discovery Medicine ajiro.masahiko.6e<a>

Graduate students and Researcher

Name Designation Email address
Teruo Sawada Researcher sawada.teruo.3u<a>
Motoyasu Hosokawa Program-specific researcher hosokawa.motoyasu.6r<a>
Saiko Shibata Graduate student shibata.saiko.86e<a>
Hiroaki Ohara Graduate student hohara8<a>
Shintaro Maeda Graduate student maeda.shintaro.65r<a>
Momoka Ryu Graduate student ryu.momoka.54s<a>
Zhang Tianhui Research student zhang.tianhui.83c<a>

Secretary and Assistant staff

Name Designation Email address
Mamina Terauchi Secretary office-hagiwara<a>
Maori Kawata Secretary office-hagiwara<a>

Mitsue Matsui 

Secretary office-hagiwara<a>